Get unstuck and create the life you want.

A six-week coaching circle journey for women at a professional crossroads.

The only certainty today is change.

The world, our everyday life, and the way we work has changed and so it’s not surprising that we may feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, and disengaged, realising that our old ways of working needs adjusted as we reshape our future lives. So, what if you could reframe these changes as an opportunity to create the life you want?

What if you could gain clarity and empower yourself to move forward? What if, through the support of a nurturing group of diverse, like-minded women and a proven, action-focused framework, you could create a path to realise your potential and dreams?

Unstuck uses design thinking principles, an approach used for practical and creative problem-solving, and tools for you to better understand your drivers, unleash creativity, and prototype opportunities for you to create your future; only by taking action can we build our way forward.

Collaborate with a curated circle of  women from unique and diverse backgrounds.

Uncover your unique ‘sweet spot’ and create a plan of action.

Get the support you need to build your future with confidence.

“…life design is about getting more out of your current life- and not only about redesigning a whole new life.” 

– Designing Your Life

Hi, I’m Darcy Roehling.

A Designing Your Life coach certified by Stanford professors and authors of ‘Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life’, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

I am also a certified #IamRemarkable facilitator – a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

Your success is my success and I promise to bring all of my superpowers of reinvention to inspire and invest in your journey. Throughout my 25+ years of global business experience as an expatriate leader in six different countries, I have had to reinvent myself numerous times, leveraging my skills and growing my network to build my career.

I won’t lie, it hasn’t been easy. But the experience has built a deep understanding in the things that allowed me to navigate uncertainty: casting the net broad and wide, opening up to possibilities, being curious, and a bias to action have formed the failsafe stepping stones of my life and career. I invite you to join me in exploring how to apply these approaches toward getting ‘unstuck’ and creating the life you want.

Are you ready to move forward?

Unstuck will empower you to build the life you want.


This isn’t your usual group coaching! Unstuck is a peer-learning collective of inspiring women and I am your coach and guide.

Get Clarity

Utilise tried and tested frameworks to create clarity on what engages, energises and gets you into that groove where you are working at your best (& loving it).

Generate Ideas

We’ll use idea generation tools to get your creative juices flowing as you begin to map out your five year plans, with feedback and bucket loads of ideas and different perspectives from the other women in your coaching circle, every step of the way.

Take Action

Unstuck is all about taking action, so be prepared to get going from day one of our virtual six-session journey. You will learn how to prototype your ideas and make the connections that will move you forward.

Curious to learn more?

What people say

“Unstuck allowed me to define what makes me truly happy and set clear life goals.”

– Leanne

“This rendez-vous with myself was priceless. This is just the kick in the butt I needed to get unstuck!”

– Sandra

“The most unexpected thing for me was that something about the group dynamic really unlocked creativity, vision, energy, and ultimately action. We were all in a very different place at the end of the course to where we started.”

– Jess

“Unstuck creates a uniquely fertile space for change to happen. The concepts are powerful, but this is rarely enough. The power of this group lies in its focus on action, trying and learning. All this trying and learning could be stressful, except for the fact that you are surrounded by a group of hand-selected women who, you quickly learn, have your back.”

– Christie

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