Hi, I’m Darcy Roehling.

Global experience, empathetic, insightful, and lots of fun.

A life of reinvention.

Over the past 25+ years I have had to reinvent and recreate myself countless times, in multiple countries, including recently when I was made redundant due to the current pandemic. ‘What’s next’ questions hit me hard and fast…  How am I going to reinvent myself this time? What do I really want to do? Is it time to change my career path? What’s going to get me out of bed each day happy and motivated? Do I need to learn anything new for my next reinvention?

Lots of questions seeking answers and so I began to explore by taking a variety of online classes, speaking to those inside and outside of my network, and read a lot, including a book that had a profound impact on me, ‘Designing Your Life’ by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans.

The book resonated with me for its practical, action-based approach ‘to build a well-lived joyful life’ and who doesn’t want that!? I realised that I was intuitively already ultilising design thinking principles for my life and career, but I never had a framework or the big brains of Stanford University to validate what I was doing – I just did it.

After reading Designing Your Life it became clear that this was my crucible moment: the culmination of my skills- my professional business experience, managing and leading cross-cultural and cross-functional global teams, coaching and mentoring, my many reinventions, and my persistent desire to help others led me to become a certified Designing Your Life coach.

A career that spans industries and continents. 

My global business experience spans consulting, sales and marketing with skills in strategy, leading matrixed global teams, profit & loss, and well, everything that it takes to run a global business. I have lived and worked in Asia Pacific, Europe, and in my home country of the US, partnering with multinational companies in the talent, learning development, and sustainability education space for most of my career. I currently live in France- the perfect location to span global time zones- and have recently become a French citizen.

The driving forces behind my career are a keen sense of purpose, a love for different cultures, a commitment to living a sustainable life, coaching and leading others, unbounded curiosity, and connecting people in my vast business network to other amazing people around the world.

In addition to being a certified Designing Your Life coach, I am also a certified cross cultural coach/facilitator and have led workshops for hundreds of senior leaders and their teams to better understand the ‘why’ behind cultural behaviors so that they can clearly understand differences that can mean the success or failure of projects and assignments.

I am currently a career coach for a French MBA school and a Life Coach as well as DISC certified with The Coaching Academy, UK. I am also a Circulab Catalyst Facilitator and in 2024 I will be certified as a Climate Change Coach

I am also a certified #IamRemarkable facilitator – a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

I am a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, the Climate Coaching Alliance, International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). 

Work encompasses a large portion of my life, but of equal importance is giving back to both local and global communities through volunteering.

Helping others, particularly women, gives me energy and over the years I have used my professional skills to support women in both local and developing countries. I even ran my own podcast, women17, for three years where I interviewed extraordinary global women contributing to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals in their communities.

I serve on the Advisory Board for Catalyse Change, a UK charity that develops the skills of young women as they pursue green careers. And I volunteer as a mentor for #OpenDoorClimate at Terra.do for individuals who seek a career in sustainability. 

Now, armed with years of global business experience and years of developing talent through my work, I am keen to partner with and support women who are going through their own transition – hence, unstuck.

Practical, creative, and
oh girl, a lot of fun!

Unstuck is based on design thinking principles and how, like a designer, you can ‘build your future’. Through the course of the coaching circle your ideas will gain clarity and plans will start to form. You are going to adapt a design thinking mindset and get curious, try stuff, reframe perceived obstacles, and collaborate your way to a life you want.

What participants say.

“Darcy was an amazing coach, always asking the right questions and bringing spot on inputs to each participant. She is a fantastic leader and motivator.”

– Sandra

“Darcy was not only a great coach, but also had over 25 years of business experience behind her. I loved the camaraderie and stimulation provided by doing coaching in a group.”

– Felicity

“I really learned the power of being connected to a diverse set of talented and supportive women. Darcy curates this structure and shines as a master networker and connector, her humor and wit make space for everyone to show up as they are and magic is created from there.”

– Christie

What Darcy’s mentees, direct reports, and peers have to say about her.

“Darcy has the ability to empathetically connect individually with every team member and beautifully orchestrates group harmony by celebrating diversity. Her wit and jovial personality is the icing on the cake.”

– Freeda

As a mentor, Darcy has the right balance of kindness and objectiveness. She’s a great listener with the ability of helping you understand your strengths and use them in your favor. And also how to identify your weakness and work them out according to your needs, environment and situation. She’s a super star in coaching and guiding you towards a career change, helping you frame your goals and trace your way to reach them. Always with patience, kindness and strength. She definitely made my experience more valuable and rich.

– Fernanda

“Darcy is a talented, client-centric, strategic and innovative leader who excels in working across cultures and geographies. Darcy has a rare blend of relationship-building skills and practical business acumen.”

– Anita

“Darcy’s spontaneous and open communication, along with natural inquisitiveness make her a wonderful colleague to partner with and a solid leader to learn from.”

– Simone

Ready to get unstuck?

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