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coaching circle journey.

Helping women at a professional crossroads get unstuck and create the life they want.

Who is it for?

Unstuck is for mid-career women at an inflection point in their lives who want to find an inspired way forward. We are diverse women from all industries and cultural backgrounds looking for a structured and supported process to get us through a period of transition. Unstuck is for women seeking a nurturing circle of like-minded women to provide you with that ‘kick in the pants’ to move forward with encouragement and joy.

Unstuck will help you find your motivation, generate ideas for your future, create plans, and give you a collaborative community of women that will support you on your journey.

Motivate yourself

Tools for you to get clarity on what motivates you, create ideas, and get you moving forward.

Generate possibilities

Ideate and blue sky ideas- the possibilities are there waiting to explore.

Plan for action

Create inspiring, potential plans to propel your future.

Connect to inspiration

We’ll get you on the path to speak with those living the life you want- the more people you speak with, the more you will learn and hone in what your future can look like.

Co-create the secret sauce: a curated circle of diverse women

You will join other talented women who will collaborate, motivate, and support you on your journey; your network will expand further as an unstuck alumnae, joining women from around the world.

Design your future

You are going to adapt a design thinking mindset (an approach used for practical and creative problem-solving) and get curious, try stuff, reframe perceived obstacles, and collaborate your way toward a life you want.

“I have so valued this programme and the network of amazing women that came with it. May everyone have the privilege of such an opportunity.”

– Christie

Hi, I’m Darcy Roehling.

If you have gotten this far, you are undoubtedly curious to learn more and to better understand if I am the right person to help you get unstuck.

Without me overtly saying, ‘of, course I am’ (even though I just said it), I am confident that I can help. 

I bring a unique perspective not only from my global business, leadership, coaching and mentoring experience, but because I have been where you are – stuck – rolling ideas in my head over and over again, feeling frustrated, and asking myself how am I going to get out of this, where to next, and what do I need to do?

I will bring the best of what I do for you- empathy, cultivated curiosity, ideas, connections, a gentle nudge – all with a sense of humour, kindness, and with the main goal of helping you create the life you want.

I will ensure a diverse mix of women in each coaching circle who bring with them rich experience, networks, and ideas that will take you to new places and encourage you to explore what you never dreamed possible.

What’s included?

The unstuck virtual coaching circle journey consists of five weekly consecutive 90-minute virtual sessions with a sixth session six weeks later so you can ‘try stuff’ so when we regroup you can let us know how it’s going, plus a one hour 1:1 coaching session. Each coaching circle cohort will include a maximum of six women (also know as your life design team).

Week 1

  Get to know your life design team, design thinking principles, reframe your beliefs, explore what motivates, engages, energises and gets you into the groove.

Week 2

Explore your ‘lifeview’ and ‘workview’ with your life design team and reflective exercises on what good work and failure play in the design process.

& additional exercises for those who are currently working and want to reinvent their current job.

Week 3

Ideation and deep dive into future life plan creation- this is where the ‘rubber meets the road’.

Week 4

You’ll share your plans and the fun begins as your Life Design Team brainstorms ideas with you and helps in the co-creation process of your life.

Week 5

Momentum starts to build- test your ideas and prototype your plans; how to have life design conversations.

Week 6

After a six-week break, this is a pulse check-in time with your Life Design Team – sharing where we are and how we are moving forward.

1-1 Coaching Session
In addition to the weekly coaching circles, you’ll also have an hour one-on-one coaching session with me which can be scheduled anytime during the course of the coaching journey.

And of course, there’s more…


Your life design team - a circle of women offering diverse experiences and backgrounds to help you ideate and support your journey.


Private life design team chat for the duration of the coaching journey and beyond. Here, words of encouragement and support flow.


Pre-work to get you ready for week 1 and exercises between weeks.


Worksheets to get you thinking and guide you through the process of designing your future.


Insights shared from thought leaders including 'Find Your Why' by Simon Sinek, 'Reinventing You' by Dorie Clark, 'The Squiggly Career' by Tupper and Ellis, 'Drive' by Daniel Pink, 'Range' by David Epstein, 'Directions- Really Good Advice For Getting From Here to There' by Hallie Bateman, and more.


Insights and nudges of encouragement and love.

Upcoming coaching circle cohorts &

investment in yourself.

Each coaching circle cohort will consist of no more than six participants (virtually) or ten participants (face-to-face) and as I shared earlier, this curated circle of diverse women is the secret sauce to unstuck. Diversity brings new ideas and your cohort of like-minded women will collaborate, motivate, and support you on your journey and we will certainly have a wonderful time along the way!

Fully booked- check back for our next coaching circle dates.



six-week coaching circle cohort with six global women

Each session is 90 minutes: 12:00-13:30 GMT

Weeks 1-5:

March 15, 22, 29, April 5, 12

Week 6:
Friday, May 24

1:1 One hour coaching session:
choose a time that works for you


And hey, if you can’t participate a coaching circle cohort, I am always here for 1 : 1 hourly coaching – Book here.


You are investing in yourself, so let’s make sure all your questions are answered.

I cannot commit to five consecutive weeks for the coaching circle cohort; do I have to attend all sessions?

Simply said, if you cannot commit to five consecutive weeks now, it is best to wait until you can. The secret sauce of this programme is your life design circle of women – you will get ideas and energy from them; you support them and they support you, so if you don’t show up, nobody wins.

I am worried I don’t have anything to bring to the coaching circle cohort for the other women on my life design team.

Check that concern at the door NOW! Everyone of us is unique with different life experiences and perspectives to share.

Can I create my own life design team with my friends?

You certainly can do that on your own, but it may end up yielding the same results within your own echo chamber. As I have said, the secret sauce of this coaching circle is the diversity of the participants. It’s time to join women you don’t know who are really going to listen to you (and not just say, yes) and offer ideas that stem from their own experiences; whilst your family and friends can offer advice, unstuck works best when you collaborate with women you don’t know.

Can I pay by installments?

I have priced the coaching circle cohorts extremely low (700€) compared to other coaching journeys. My expectation is payment in full, however if you struggle to make this payment, please contact me directly. 

Can I get my money back?

The coaching circle cohort fee is non-refundable. If for any reason you are not happy, please reach out during the journey so that we can address your needs.

Can I just read the book?

Of course you can and you should! Unstuck is here to curate your life design circle of women, facilitate your journey, and offer you that ‘kick in the pants’ that you may need beyond reading the book.

What people say

“Unstuck allowed me to define what makes me truly happy and set clear life goals”

– Leanne

“This rendez-vous with myself was priceless. This is just the kick in the butt I needed to get unstuck!”

– Sandra

“The most unexpected thing for me was that something about the group dynamic really unlocked creativity, vision, energy, and ultimately action. We were all in a very different place at the end of the course to where we started.”

– Jess

“Unstuck creates a uniquely fertile space for change to happen. The concepts are powerful, but this is rarely enough. The power of this group lies in its focus on action, trying and learning. All this trying and learning could be stressful, except for the fact that you are surrounded by a group of hand-selected women who, you quickly learn, have your back.”

– Christie

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